How to season ceramic cookware

Seasoning is a simple and quick procedure that helps to improve the performance of the pan. It only has to be done once, before the first use. It is very important to follow the instructions below and pay close attention during the procedure:
- Wash and dry the cookware as normal;
- Put a small amount of oil – few drops are enough - inside each piece;
- Spread this oil well with the help of a brush or paper, as if you were greasing the entire inside surface of the pieces, including the upper part of the handles;
- It is important to emphasize that no amount of oil should be passed on the outside of the pan, in places that come into contact with the fire;
- Heat the pieces on high heat for just 1 minute. Turn off the heat and clean the parts again with dry paper or a towel.

Done! Your Linea cookware is ready to use!